Seasonal comments: Winter and early "spring"J

February, March - The worst of winter is over. On nice days you should see your bees coming out for defecation flights and some scouting. Most importantly, the Red Maple should be blooming soon. Look for yellow pollen coming in and you will know. Also you may see a tree with a shadowy red look to it. That would most likely be the Red Maple in bloom. Feed if you think they need it. Don't open that hive unless it is warm out, and try not to disturb those bees too much. Good luck! We are almost through the winter.

NC Honey Bee License Plate Initiative! Thank you!


The NC Senate Bill sponsoring the "Save the Honey Bee" license plate has passed! The State Police have approved the plate and it is in the final stage of the DMV production process.  According to DMV, we will receive our specialty Honey Bee plate by May 16, 2016.  We wish to thank everyone for your support and continued patience during this process.
The Franklin County Beekeepers Association spearheaded a North Carolina specialty plate to honor our state insect, the honey bee. We needed and received 300+ applications. Thank you for your support! More information can be found here.


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our fellow beekeepers and members, Rudy Hoffman (January 15, 1942 - Thursday, April 23, 2015). Rudy was such a kind soul and mentor to so many of us. He'll be greatly missed. [Obituary]

Events and Activities

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The next several events...
  • Next meeting: April 29th. 7pm for mentors and mentees and folks looking to be either! 7:30pm meeting start!
  • NCSBA Summer conference in Lake Junaluska, NC

We are a small association of peers dedicated to furthering the knowledge of and interest in beekeeping in Franklin County, North Carolina.

Our club sprang to life in late 2007 due primarily to the efforts of Larry Green and a small group of people he recruited to help him. Franklin County has been until now, and may have always been, without a beekeepers association.

We are young, but rapidly growing. If you are interested in joining, please contact one of us or simply show up to a meeting. We'd love to have you.

Where we meet...

We meet 7:30pm on the last Wednesday of every month at the Franklin County Cooperative Extension located at 103 S Bickett Blvd, Louisburg, NC 27549.