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Local Suppliers

Are you looking for honey bees or equipment from a local Franklin County breeder or supplier? These good folks listed below can probably help you...

Honey Bees

Selling more than 10 queens or colonies per year requires a North Carolina State Department of Agriculture (NCSDA) issued permit (contingent upon inspection). The beekeepers listed below thus sell a limited sampling of their stock unless otherwise noted.

The queen is the one fertile female in a bee hive.
Nucs, Nucleus Colonies
Usually 5 frames of wax comb with food, brood and adult honey bees, to include a queen (a small hive without the boxes).
Usually 3 lbs of honey bees and a queen. No food. No brood. No wax comb.


You may have to look outside of the county to get additional supplies, but get what you can from a local supplier!