[archived] Honey Bee License Plate Initiative

proposed honey bee license plate


We need 300 applicants in relatively short order. If you want a honey bee license plate to happen, we need you to...
  1. DOWNLOAD: Download the application found here
  2. COMPLETE: Fill it out COMPLETELY with the required items as listed in this webpage
  3. PAY: Make out the check to FCBA
    (we have to send in a lump sum check for everyone)
  4. SUBMIT! Send check and application to...

        FCBA - NC License Plate
        PO Box 321
        Louisburg, NC  27549


The Franklin County Beekeepers Association (FCBA) has designed a North Carolina specialty license plate in an effort to bring more awareness to the plight of our state insect, the honey bee. The proposed plate is based on the “First in Flight” plate and a honey bee logo appears on the left hand side of the plate.  The DMV requires 300 pre-paid applications before it will consider the initial plate application. The initial applications must be processed as a single submission with one check. To comply with this requirement, applications will be collected by the FCBA. All checks *must* be to us by February 28th.
  • $5.00 from every license plate sale will be donated to NC State University Agriculture Program.
  • A standard special plate with sequential numbers determined by DMV (standard) can be ordered for $15.00
  • A special plate with a personalized message (4 spaces allowed, not all numbers) can be ordered for $45.00 ($15 for the special plate, plus $30 for the personalization).
  • Yearly renewal fees will depend on your choice of plate and other personal property and vehicle taxes.
  • Plate can be used for vehicles up to 26,000 lbs
  • Plates cannot be used for motorcycles
  • Deadline to have checks mailed to Sandy Carlson is February 28th
Displayed above is an example of what the plate will look like. The application can be found here: License Plate Application or http://goo.gl/KNs4Qh
The first 300 applications must be combined into one package with one check submitted to DMV from the Franklin County Beekeepers Association.

Each application must include the following items:
  • Vehicle must be currently registered & titled in North Carolina
  • Current NC Plate Number 
  • Current Driver License Number
  • Year, Model, Make/Body Style of Vehicle the plate will be ordered for
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Signature
  • Insurance Carrier Name
  • Insurance Policy Number

If you would like a plate for your vehicle, please promptly send the completed application and check or money order, made out to "
FCBA", to this address:

FCBA - NC License Plate
PO Box 321
Louisburg, NC  27549

If you have any questions at all, please email beeplate@franklincountybees.org

Thank you. Let's make this happen!!!

Special thanks for making this all happen goes to: Sandy Carlson, Teresa Green, Kari Kristoffersen at Dynamic Print Solutions of Raleigh and Martha Mobley, Franklin County Extension Agent.

Where do the funds go? For the $15 plate: $5 to North Carolina State University for research on the importance of bees to agriculture in the state’s economy and $10 to the DMV Special Plate Fund.

For the $45 plate: $5 to North Carolina State University for research on the importance of bees to agriculture in the state’s economy; $10 to the DMV Special Plate Fund; $15 to the Clean Water Management Act Trust Fund; $5 to the Recreation Park Fund; and $10 to the Highway Beautification Fund.