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The Beekeeping Year

The Beekeeper's Calendar:

[here] and [here] and a lovely simple chart [HERE!]

What's in bloom?

[Piedmont] [Coastal plains] [Mountains]

Sunrise and Sunset times:

State and County Resources

Other Links

2021 Spring Bee Buzz Magazine

Honey Labeling Guidelines, via the National Honey Board

Honey may not be honey in your state. Support the effort for a national honey standard. If it says honey, it better be honey! In the meantime, there is a honey standard in North Carolina now. More information to follow.

Set your honey apart without using the word organic on your honey labels!*

Queen Marking, The Color Code

Consider becoming a Certified Naturally Grown beekeeper.

Honey Bee Suite - A Place for Bees - Native, Wild, and Managed.