Refreshment Volunteers

Below is the volunteer list for those who have agreed to supply refreshments for our meetings each month. Thank you, everyone, who has voluteered for the coming year and all those good folks who have done it in the past. Some repeatedly.

Some notes for volunteers...

    1. Keep it simple. Something to drink, and small to nibble on.
    2. Drinks: Remember that not everyone can drink sweet tea and other sweetened beverages.
    3. Expect roughly 20-ish people.
    4. There is an ice machine and a couple large bowls at the cooperative extension (go down the hall and they are in kitchen on the left).
    5. We should have enough cups plates and napkins in the library shelving. But, maybe not. Please ask.
    6. Bonus points if your treats are made with honey.
Meeting Refreshment Volunteers